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Community Service Opportunities While on Vacation

The Hekab Be Library runs a very important after school and summer program for kids needing extra help in school work. This program also helps keep kids off the street. It provides them with academic support in areas that they need extra help with, and also a safe place to play and interact with other children.

If you speak some Spanish, and wish to donate one hour of your time helping out, please go to the Library located on the road to the main highway and see Maggie.

You can help with their science projects, math, English, or reading, or supervising the playground. High school kids are welcome to help out too.

Donating one hour of your time while on vacation for as many days as you like can be a very rewarding experience. The children of the Pueblo of Akumal have many needs. Their schooling is not providing them with the much needed base to continue with higher learning. You can be an inspiration and example to them.

For further information on the library go to:

Thank you
Laura B. Wolfe