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Under the Waters of Mexico

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Historically rich, ineffably beautiful, yet at times mortally dangerous, the mere mention of the Caribbean evokes images of romance and adventure.

And it is to these waters that countless soldiers of fortune and modern-day pirates have come, seeking the fabled riches beneath the restless waves—the remains of sunken ships which offer up treasures not only of gold, silver and jewels, but centuries-old artifacts, whose value is inestimable to the historian and archeologist.

250 pages with black and white photos.

An excerpt from the introduction written by Rear Admiral Armando Canizares Sanchez on April 1, 1964:

To read this compilation, accompanied by the comments of Pablo Bush, a well-known businessman, hunter, globe-trotter, and the President of CEDAM, is to recall the history of piracy in its early days during the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries,...

This book has the simple but authentic style of a compilation made under conditions of fatigue, sleeplessness, heat, rain, and the innumerable misfortunes that are inevitably encountered at sea. ....

Rear Admiral (C.G.) Armando Cañizares Sánchez, México, D. F. April 1, 1964

250 pages with color and black and white photos.

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Cross of the Matancero

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For Akumal’s 50th Anniversary, we have produced 150 replicas of one of the crosses recovered from the shipwreck off the point of Akumal.

“El Matancero” was a ship from Spain, bound for Veracruz. On Feb. 22, 1742 it came to rest under the Waters of Punta Matancero, on the Southern tip of Akumal.

Akumal's 50th Anniversary limited edition Matancero cross was replicated by local artist , Richard Mazzola from an original artifact recovered from the"El Matancero" shipwreck of 1741.

This beautiful cross is a numbered limited edition collectors piece of 150 and will be available for sale through the website: www.hotelakumalcaribe.com

The cross has an original glass bead in the center and is hand crafted in silver.

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Video - Akumal Half a Century Ago

This 37 minute documentary tells the history of how Akumal was discovered 50 years ago, with the discovery of the wreck nearby - El Matancero.

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Cross of El Matancero, designed by Richard Mazzola.
Video - Akumal Half a Century Ago

Memorabilia Available in Akumal

We also have memorabilia available at Super Chomak in Akumal

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