Responsible Traveler Program

We invite you to read over these Eco- tips and encourage you to sign our register with your name, email address and signature. By doing this, you have certified that you are aware of our eco-tips and that you will respect the environment while vacationing with us!
If you check yes, we will add you to our database for occasional mail outs and updates. If not checked, your personal information will not be used in any way, in keeping with our policy of confidentiality in data handling. Thank you for your visit and thank you for being a responsible traveler!

How can you help protect coral reefs and marine life?

  • Use biodegradable sun block.
  • Keep a 7 ft. (2 m.) distance from corals and other marine species.
  • Swim near marine creatures and corals, not over them. You reduce the risk of kicking corals and allow sea turtles to rise to the water’s surface to breathe.
  • Keep your distance while any sea life is feeding.
  • Harassing, touching or grabbing marine creatures is not allowed; your safety could be at risk.
  • Do not touch, walk or stand on corals. Use life jackets.
  • Remember that fishing within the bays and lagoons is illegal.
  • Do not remove anything dead or alive from the sea, it is a federal offense.

Snorkel Tips

  • For you and your family’s safety, always use a lifejacket.
  • Ask for a guide at licensed and certified Akumal Dive Center, if you unfamiliar with Akumal’s bays and currents.
  • Breathe slowly, deeply and stay relaxed. Your buoyancy will be better and you will become less tired.
  • Keep your arms near your body; the lifejacket will keep you at the surface. Maintain a slow and paused kicking motion to keep you floating in the correct horizontal position.
  • Never cross the reef barrier.
  • Be careful crossing the navigation channels. Visit the lifeguard station to check the location.
  • Pay attention not to kick coral or the sea floor with your fins.
  • Please do not feed marine creatures.
  • Please do not throw food, bags, bottles or any residue into the ocean.
  • It is recommended to take a shower with neutral soap before entering the sea, available at the Lolha Beach bar showers.

Other Tips

  • Please turn off lights and fan before leaving room. If going to be away for longer than 30 minutes, please turn off A/C.
  • Please do not leave water running unnecessarily from the sink or the shower; turn off whenever not using.
  • Use the recycle bin provided in each room for glass, plastic and aluminum.
  • Use the notice about not changing sheets daily to alert housekeeping.
  • Ask for a recycled bag for beach trash when going for walks and be a part of our Clean Beach program.
  • Dispose of batteries at the front desk bin provided.
  • Visit the Ecological Center next door for information on their programs including the Turtle Protection Program and the Marine Coastal Ecosystem Program.
  • Read up on our efforts to protect the environment and our programs and how you can participate and contribute
  • Visit our local library Hekab-Be and contribute your time or make a donation by contacting Anne Gabbert at the following email: